"Education is the help in which we give life so that it may develop in the greatness of its powers." - Maria Montessori

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By Betsy Schneider, Director


We are located in northwest metropolitan Phoenix in a very serene location surrounded by many retirement facilities. We are involved in many inter-generational activities with our children and the elderly. We have an aviary, a small farm and many gardening areas on our campus. While engaged in outside environment activities the children maintain and care for our plants and animals. Our staff is very dedicated to providing a beautiful environment for our children.

My husband, Jerry and I with much help from our children and grandchildren opened Montessori Kingdom of Learning in August of 1996. The enrollment, that first year was 37 students of which 9 children were family members. We had 1 infant community, 1 toddler community, and 1 primary classroom. Over half of the beginning 13 staff members were family members. In contrast, in the fall of 1999 we opened a new building, added an elementary program and increased our enrollment to 204 students. We have an infant community (8 weeks-16 months), 2 toddler communities (16 months-3 years), 3 AMI Certified primary classrooms (3-6 year olds), 2 elementary classrooms (6-12 years), and a junior high classroom (12-14 years). We now employ a staff of about 35 people.

My husband Jerry, together with our five sons, sons-in-law, and our nine grandchildren help maintain the campus. My daughter Suzy, a co-director, is AMI certified at the elementary level and coordinates our elementary program. My daughter Tracy is our finance director. She is AMI certified at the infant/toddler level and coordinates our infant/toddler communities. Kristi, my daughter-in-law and my niece Tiffani are AMI certified primary teachers and lead two of our primary classrooms. Our youngest daughter, Nicole, leads our two toddler classrooms and also assists within the administration. My son, Butch, is responsible for handyman work all over the school and has built beautiful wood furniture that can be seen in every classroom.

At Montessori Kingdom of Learning, our staff, our children and their parents become an extended family, creating a partnership that provides a nurturing environment in which our children can flourish.