Junior High Classroom (12-14 years)

The adolescent years are truly a time of growth, change, and mystery.  As children move beyond the elementary classroom, they embark upon the journey of adolescence that will ideally lead them to maturity.  The Montessori junior high classroom is designed to meet the changing needs of the adolescent student while encouraging a continuation of the love of learning and discovery.   Student’s needs at this stage include social interaction, experiential learning, meaningful work, financial exchange, creative expression, and positive adult interaction.  By having these needs met, the students can experience a rewarding and positive educational experience.

Based upon their needs, students often work in small groups to accomplish projects and are encouraged to work together on individual assignments.  Experiential learning is always a goal.  We accomplish this through multiple ways.  Students are regularly involved with projects that will bring their learning experience to life.  Whether it is done through models, experiments, projects, or video and movie making, the classroom is constantly being used to help the students live their education.

Another way that the students are able to experience their education is through the trips that they take as a class. Throughout the two years that the students spend in the Montessori Kingdom of Learning junior high class, they will experience multiple trips that coincide with their education.  The trip destinations include science trips to locations such as Lowell Observatory or Meteor Crater as well as social study trips to locations like Mesa Verde and Washington DC.

Students in the junior high program continue to learn through experience and hands on discovery, but are also transitioning to traditional educational environments.  The MKL junior high students are introduced to grades, report cards, and test taking.  Students are held to a high academic standard within a pre-collegiate curriculum where they learn algebra, geometry, physical and life science, English, Spanish, history, and geography.  While students are held to a high standard, easy access to the teacher and individual assistance allows the students the opportunity to find success even in areas they might struggle with.

Strongly believing in the importance of developing the students as whole individuals, not just academically, the MKL junior high students are regularly involved in community projects, are given opportunities to serve others, and have the chance to learn life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and working with tools.

Our goal is that MKL junior high graduates are independent, competent learners well prepared for high school with a high academic foundation.