Mission Statement

Children in schools today are the future leaders of tomorrow. As educators, we have the rare opportunity to help them reach their potential, an opportunity and responsibility of major importance. We consider teaching a privilege and a profession of dedication to children. It is a commitment to educate individuals that will be capable of contributing productively and positively to their community.

Our philosophy of education is to strive in developing the total child in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment that promotes learning. The environment should stimulate academic, social, and personal development. We will strive to build each child’s self esteem and self-respect by challenging them to explore and discover their strengths, talents, and abilities. We believe in positive acknowledgment of students in hopes that they will continue to strive for personal excellence. We will meet the needs of the child regardless of racial, religious, or ethnic background while promoting cultural diversity.

We recognize that each child is unique and special; therefore, we have chosen the Montessori method of education. This is an individualized teaching method. The curriculum meets the individual needs of each child. Montessori is an interactive approach to learning. The children learn with materials and numerous hands-on activities before they move to the abstract. Each student will learn in their own way which enables and encourages them to internalize the self-discipline and self-motivation to seek further knowledge.

We realize that as educators, we are role models of behavior, speech, and dress. We must be perceptive, sympathetic, empathetic, and adaptable to the student’s needs. We must offer a friendly, humorous, enthusiastic, and fun environment in which the students are actively involved. We will be understanding, patient, and supportive of the students as they travel through the learning process. We will set high expectations with positive reinforcement and immediate feedback of the child’s progress. We will act as their guide and motivator, reaching out to meet each individual. We will be good listeners and learn from them as they learn from us. We will enable the children to be teachers as well as students.

The long term goal of education is to develop individuals to become critical thinkers and problem solvers with the desire to be life long learners. As educators, we are dedicated to facilitating this growth. As long as we follow through with our beliefs and goals, we will succeed. We believe that as a community of teachers, parents, and professionals, we should join together in a commitment to train our future leaders.

Maria Montessori summed it up in London in 1946, “Education is the help in which we give life so that it may develop in the greatness of its powers. Before we can give, we must understand€¦..If we can understand, we can help, and this help must be the plan of our education: to help man to develop, not his defects, but his greatness.” This is our philosophy and mission for Montessori Kingdom of Learning. (MKL)

Montessori Kingdom of Learning

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At Montessori Kingdom of Learning, our staff, our children and their parents become an extended family, creating a partnership that provides a nurturing environment in which our children can flourish.

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