Literature on Montessori Education

Lillard, Paula Polk. Montessori-A Modern Approach (Schocken)

An introduction to the Montessori approach to education at the preschool level.

Montessori, Maria. The Absorbent Mind (Kalaksjetra) A discussion of the development of young children, birth to three years.

Montessori, Maria. The Advanced Montessori Method, Volumes 1 & 2 (Kalakshetra) A collection of essays including both theory and practice at the elementary level.

Montessori, Maria. The Discovery of the Child (Kalakshetra) Early writings of Dr. Montessori (updated in 1948), highlighting the materials and the work of the child in primary class. (Ages 3-6)

Montessori, Maria. The Secret of Childhood (Ballantine Books) An introduction, both practical and theoretical, including observations and insights into the nature of young children.

Montessori, Maria. To Educate the Human Potential (Kalakshetra) Outlines the needs of the elementary age child and the acquisition of culture.