Primary Classroom (ages 3-6 years)


Parents have an option of choosing a half day program, full day program or an extended day program. These are required to be 5 days per week to maintain our AMI certification.

The Primary classroom is a prepared environment for our students, ages 3 to 6 years.  There is an AMI trained Montessori teacher in each classroom.  Assistants are provided to meet state standards as well as Montessori standards.

Children are given a three hour work period in the morning. Children who stay all day have a 2 hour work period in the afternoon.  Those in the extended day program continue in the Montessori manner with after school materials.  In the two work periods they are free to choose work (lessons that have been given to them) from the prepared environment.

There are materials in four areas, practical life, sensorial, math and language.  Language extends to botany and geography music and history.  The AMI teacher gives the lessons with assistants supporting their work.  In this level children are given individual lessons.  Working with the materials in this prepared environment helps the child to develop independence, a sense of order, concentration, coordination and they internalize self- discipline and self- motivation.  The children learn to respect the environment because they take ownership when they are the ones who maintain it.  They are careful with the materials and remind each other to respect the materials as well. Given the opportunity to use these materials provides the means for the child to construct himself.